Erith Double Glazing Repairs

From time to time, we all need help with Erith double glazing repairs. The handles on your double glazed windows and doors can become stiff, and the locks can falter. Another frequent problem is worn hinges, resulting in windows failing to open or close properly. An obvious downside to this issue is that buying a completely new window unit is a pricey and time-consuming calamity. Make sure that security is at the top of your list. You can do this with A1 Seecure as we have a range of high-tech locking systems in stock at all times. At A1 See cure we serve Erith, we stock all kinds of locks including window locks to deliver you valuable peace of mind. At A1 See cure we stock a wide variety of all hardware for double glazed doors and double glazed windows. As Erith's double glazing lock repair experts, we can help with door and window lock systems, handles, letter plates and hinges. Our double glazing repairs and locks replacements in Erith and the surrounding areas are carried out at your property. We always advise you of the costs before any work is undertaken.

upvc locks

Erith uPVC Door and Window Lock Repairs

As Erith's reliable and trusted security specialists, we carry an extensive array of uPVC and aluminium locking systems and relevant hardware for doors and windows. Some lock products contain barely any markings, which causes them to be challenging to classify. Nevertheless, our trained staff are proficient of identifying most brands of uPVC locks. If you are in Erith and you do find that you require any out-of-stock products, we can source the majority of products inside two or three days.

Erith Hinged Door Lock Repairs 

We stock more than 100 different door lock systems and around 50 variations of euro-cylinder and security cylinders. Our stock also includes ranges of:

Handles - Hinges - Letter Boxes - Frame Keeps - Door Chains


Erith Window Locks & Repairs

Our range of locks covers multiple designs for wooden, metal, and uPVC windows. We likewise supply Erith with locking handles and locking window restrictors, with pull handles and rollers to give your sliding door extra security.

A Trusted Window Repair Team

Thankfully, A1 See cure is here to assist. Many window repair businesses will expect you to buy brand new windows or doors to correct these uncomplicated problems. We can replace just the faulty components of the window. This saves you a small fortune in the process. Whatever kind of windows you have, we can replace handles of any style and colour to guarantee your home retains the same aesthetic. 

Our double glazing repair team can also withdraw faulty interior lock mechanisms and modernise your windows to have more advanced and secure locks. No matter how old your windows and doors are, our security experts deliver you peace of mind. Our window repair services will keep your home and family safe and sound.


Night Latches and Rim Locks

Night latches and rim locks come in many varieties, including standard, double-locking, and roller-bolt. Or lock range includes locks conforming to BS3621: 2007

Door Closers

We specialise in replacing concealed door closers to aluminium doors as well as wooden door overhead closers to the residents of Erith.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are generally found on doors but can be used to secure many diverse objects. Some of the mortice locks that we stock include:

Three-Lever to Seven-Lever Deadlocks - Two-Lever to Seven-Lever Sash Locks - Specialist Locks Including Gates, Glass-Plate Doors, and Aluminium Doors - Clutch-Bolt Locks for Sliding Doors - Cylinder-Operated Locks

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Erith's Replacement Locking Systems for Windows

If  you are in Erith, we can provide you with added security, we stock many window-locking systems. These include in-line and hand-locking handles, friction hinges, and window restrictors. To guarantee the safety of the windows, we also extend a uPVC double-glazing window repair service.

Multipoint Gearbox Replacments

Most multipoint locking systems only come as a complete unit. However, in some cases, we are able to provide just the gearbox. This usually results in savings of around 50%.


new locks for upvc windows

Our skilled Erith locksmiths can provide and fit new locks for your UPVC windows, to give you extra security from the menace of window-access break-ins. Door cylinder snapping & bumping is on the increase. With a small number of tools, a burglar can get through a standard door cylinder in fewer than 30 seconds. A conventional euro lock barrel poses genuine jeopardy to the security of your home. All UPVC doors with a standard euro cylinder lock are at risk.

Erith Burglary Repairs

Falling prey to a burglar can be a frightening event, and the responsibility of re-securing your home may seem daunting. Let us help you in selecting the essential measures to make your home feel secure again. In addition to helping you with repairing the material damage produced, like replacing locks and fixing security systems. We are glad to offer our expert advice on how to deter burglaries and break-ins before they occur.

Extra locks on doors & windows, bolts & bars, grilles & deadlocks are some of the steps we recommend to add greater security and protection to your residence. You can rest assured that our highly trained locksmiths specialise in guiding our clients through the precautions needed to take to make their homes less likely to be victims of a crime in the future. 

A1 See cure has local professionals that live and work in your local area 7 days a week. This means we can be with you promptly and maintain our competitive prices.


Erith Lock Replacements

All the locks we supply can be installed, rekeyed, replaced or repaired. We also stock a wide range of both Cylinder and mortice locks at all times. Any specialist locks or keys that we don't stock can be sourced by us as professional locksmiths.


 Digital locks
 Child safety locks

 Night latches

 Escape latches

All of the items above are examples of the locking mechanisms we can supply and fit for you.

Multipoint Gearbox Replacments

Whatever the reason for needing to replace or add further locking devices to your home, you can rely on us to help. A1 See Cure locksmiths are highly trained to carry and install a wide assortment of locks for a comprehensive range of doors and windows.

Erith Digital lock Replacements

Digital locks need you to use a numerical code on the built-in keypad, to obtain access or entry. Do you want to leave your house safe and secure without needing to take your keys with you? 

We can provide and install a Keyless Digital Lock system that can be implemented to most timber front doors in a similar way to a night latch.

Erith Deadlock Replacements

Deadlocks are one of the most regularly used locks on front doors. Deadlocks are frequently used on internal doors too. Deadlocks are key-operated, single bolt locks that are installed into the door frame.  There are various kinds of deadlock, which all produce exceptional protection from thieves as they are durable and challenging to force, manipulate or pick.

 Mortice locks fit into a groove carved into the edge of the door and ordinarily can only be opened with a key.

 These should be updated to 5-lever locks. This is a minimum insurance requirement.

 deadlock means an intruder cannot break an adjoining glass panel to get the door open.

Erith Escape Lock Replacements

Escape locks are commonly used on commercial premises and communal or public structures, to facilitate escape in the case of an emergency or a fire.  

What is an escape lock?

An uncomplicated answer is, escape Locks produce emergency escape by the smooth operation of the handle installed to the lock from the inside. 

Our experienced locksmiths are fully trained in all perspectives of the security trade and are glad to guide you on what locks would be best for your requirements.

Erith Sash Window Lock Replacements

Sash window locks are usually installed in addition to the current locks to give additional security to your windows. Sash window locks are key-operated and are affirmed as satisfactory protection by most home insurers. They will ordinarily block or vent the window, stopping it from being opened fully. As a result, the windows can be opened just enough to accommodate air circulation. Still, they cannot be used to enter the property.

 Duel Screw Sash Window Locks:

A dual screw sash window lock is composed of a full or half threaded bolt which is screwed into an internally threaded barrel implemented in the head of the lower sash and then into a hole in the base of the upper sash or into another threaded barrel. If you need to increase the security of a modern timber sliding sash, you will need to use the all threaded bolt to stop the sashes from being pushed up and in. These locks should be arranged in pairs.

  Sash Window Stop Locks:

 Sash Window Stop locks are installed in pairs to the stiles of the upper sash and prevent the two sashes from gliding past each other. There are two sorts of sash stop lock. The locks can be fitted to the head of the lower sash to enable the windows to be opened a little way for ventilation, or two pairs can be provided with the second pair implemented lower down to restrict any movement. You need to lock the windows when you go out though.

Erith Night Latch Lock Replacements

Night Latch Locks are key operated from the outside. They are handle operated from the inside. Night latches are a commonly used locking mechanism. If you close the door behind you, it triggers the lock automatically, for heightened security.

 Lever handle and key control from the inside

 Latch bolt automatically deadlocks on shutting the door

 Snib function permits the latch to be held back

 Operated by a key from the exterior

 Backed by the police and insurance companies

 Outfitted with anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump 6 pin rim cylinder

Erith Child Safety Lock Replacements

Child Safety Locks are designed primarily with child safety in mind. A restrictor permits windows to open 75mm and is unlocked with the key provided. In rooms where there are bunk beds or furniture in front of the window or a low window, it's prudent to use a window guard instead.

These are more secure and will let you open the window entirely without the risk of the child falling or climbing out.
It is better to fit each window in your house with a window lock and to keep window sections free of furniture. You should ensure that each window guard installed can be quickly opened by an adult to enable escape in the case of a fire.

 Reduced opening of the window but provides ventilation

 Windows lock in both open and closed positions

 Key needed to lock and unlock

 Universal standard key provided

Now, this may be seen as common sense to most of us. However, it may need clearing up for others. Do NOT teach your toddler to lean out of windows. It is NOT a good idea to show your baby how a window opens either. And on a parting note NEVER leave them alone in a room with low open windows.


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