Wilmington Locksmith "A1 Seecure" produce all Master Locksmith assistance's and products including Locks, Safes, Key-cutting, transponder keys and vehicle keys cut to code. Our master locksmiths have been working with local Wilmington clients for more than 40 years. During this time, we have developed a reputation as a genuine, independently owned, family-run business that delivers exceptional services. We take satisfaction in providing a professional and polite service.

Reputable Wilmington LOCKSMITH – Completely CRB CHECKED

A1 Seecure Locksmiths are CRB Checked and are masters in access control, master key suites, code cutting of keys to cars or vans and for office desks or furniture and lockers. From our reputable lock and security shop, we are equipped with computer-operated devices that can duplicate practically any key code.


A1 Seecure is a fully inspected Wilmington locksmith, a licensed member of the Master Locksmiths Association , to ensure peace of mind as:

  • Training is also given by the Association to guarantee members are always up to date with the latest industry advancements.
  • Leading Trade Association for the locksmiths trade.
  • Gives peace of mind to the customer through it's licensing scheme, in the absence of Government licensing.
  • Improves measures of conduct, practice and materials inside the locksmith trade.


A1 See cure is a long-standing member of the Master Locksmiths Association, while each of our locksmiths has passed DBS checks. As specialists in their field, our staff use extensive experience and expertise to swiftly resolve your issue.

  • A Local, Reliable Wilmington Locksmith Service
  • Courteous, Trustworthy Locksmith Staff
  • MLA licensed locksmith professionals
  • An Expert Specialist Service
  • Trusted Locksmiths with Fast Responses
  • Emergency, lock repairs & upgrades
  • Lock Replacements through to the sale of safes!
  • Lock Repairs and Replacement Keys

Access control


Security Systems & Access Control, ranging from single, standalone systems to multi-door, PC-based systems, the crew at A1 Seecure supply and install Wilmington based customers with an extensive range of access control systems to satisfy your demands.


Whether you want a system for low-user residential usage or high-volume, heavy-duty commercial use, we provide to all of your unique needs.


A Master Key suite is a modern security system created for your ease. It provides nominated key holders access to particular areas or buildings, and by limiting access through controlled measures, it enhances the overall security of a property.

Master key suites are excellent for anyone who has a property with many locks and needs to regulate the security and admittance with a minimal quantity of keys. It is exemplary for commercial property owners, offices, schools, hotels, retail locations or property development proprietors.



The machines that we use produce keys for various applications, including furniture, cars, and motorcycles. All keys are cut to pattern or code and are hand made. Additionally, we propose servicing and repairs for all keys that we have created.


Additionally, we propose servicing and repairs for all keys that we have created. Our team also create transponder keys for cars. 

Lost or broken car keys remote replacments are available. Lost Car Keys all Cut On-Site.



Accompanying our range of household, furniture, vehicle, and security keys, we offer many other types of keys. 

These include: Single and Double-Bitted Safe Keys - Window Lock Keys - Machine/Forklift Keys - Garage Remote Controls - Tags - Caravan Keys - Cavity/Dimple Keys - Tubular Keys - Fobs - Security Doors, Security Bars, Security Grilles, Padlocks and Security Chains.



We have thousands of blank key varieties that boast the latest high-quality machinery and software. Our experienced team provides a swift and reliable key cutting service that is second-to-none. We also offer complete lock repairs and servicing for your convenience.

A Talented security lock Team

With the assistance of A1 Seecure, you can improve the security of your home or business. Not only do we supply top-of-the-range security systems, but we also offer locksmith services for both domestic and commercial properties. Using a wealth of experience, and the latest technology.


LOCKS Wilmington

As a long-established company and member of the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association), there is little that the home security specialists from A1 See Cure don't know about locks. 

We sell a vast range of locks, high-quality locks and security fittings.

What we haven't got in stock we can usually source within 24 hours. Locks are supplied and fitted, to suit businesses, industries, institutions and works. 

Our mission is to make life straightforward for our customers, to guide them on what locks they require:


Mortice locks Wilmington

Mortice deadlocks are a sort of lock that seem to confuse many people. There are two varieties of mortice locks. A 3 lever mortice lock & a 5 lever mortice lock. The contrast with a 3 lever lock and a 5 lever lock is that a 3 lever lock is not as secure since it has fewer levers. Having fewer levers raises the chance of key duplication. 

Furthermore, a 3 lever lock will NOT be BS3621 approved due to the inadequate security of the lock.

5 Lever Mortice Locks Wilmington

A 5 lever mortice deadlock is ordinarily fitted to wooden doors. It is locked from both the outside and inside with a key. This grade of lock is installed inside the material of the door, rather than on the exterior.


How to Recognise a 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

The initial thing you should appreciate is that a 5 lever Mortice Deadlock is NOT seen on uPVC or composite doors, watch out for the below points:

  1. Wooden Door – You would possess a Wooden or Timber door.
  2. Open With a key – You can unlock the lock from either side using a key.
  3. Lock Installed in the Door Material – The lock is applied into the leading edge of the door NOT the cover of the door.
  4. 5 Levers – The quantity of levers SHOULD be imprinted on the faceplate of lock. For example "5 LEVER."

Cylinder locks Wilmington

A cylinder lock is also generally acknowledged as a pin tumbler because of the way the mechanism operates.  The lock has several internal pins that move around the within the cylinder. This occurs as the key is turned because of the keys serrated edges. 

Replacing the lock barrels is a massive benefit to this product as it can be exchanged typically without needing to change the hardware. With up to 25% of burglaries thought to practice lock snapping, lock bumping or cylinder drilling and screwing as a means of entry, it's essential to pick the correct lock cylinder.

Cylinder Lock Star Ratings

There is an extensive range available with kitemarks and tested to BS EN 1303 these have attained the minimum expected for most insurance policies. 

A Star rating is implemented to TS007 cylinders to support understanding of the levels of security. 

A 3-star lock barrel protects against all lock breaking attempts, a 1 star does not, but can be backed by a 2 star rated handle to provide an overall 3-star rating. 

Indicating you can feel protected in your house and know that it is defended when you leave.

uPVC locks Wilmington

Multipoint door locks are habitually fitted on uPVC composite doors. As their name implies, they have multipoint locking points, and all of them lock at the same time when closed with a front door key.

Multipoint Door Locks Wilmington

Multipoint door locks will ordinarily have three locking points. It is installed inside the door frame and clasps the door into the frame providing it with an airtight high-security seal.

The three locking devices include a first deadbolt and two hooks, one set near the top and one located near the base. This is what provides the multipoint lock with its strength. They are operated when you place your keys within the door's euro cylinder and turn the door handle lever up or down.
Multipoint door locks appear in multiple locking combinations like rollers, bolts, hooks, latches and mushrooms.
You will know if you require a replacement of your current uPVC multipoint door lock when your uPVC door handles become loose.


Don't wait for your door to break! A1 Seecure can provide a series of locks to accommodate PVCu doors and aluminium too.

Security features possible with these LOCKS include:

  • Drill Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Torque Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Saw Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Force Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Pick Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Corrosion Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Tamper Resistant PVCu Door Locks:
  • Fire Resistant PVCu Door Locks:

SAFES Wilmington

There are many safe designs that you can use to keep your valuables secure and out of sight. With more than 35 years of experience in selling, opening, and maintaining safes, our specialists serve Wilmington, Kent, and have the skills and knowledge to offer security advice and guidance regarding combination safes.



We cut a wide assortment of keys while you wait inside our lock shop. A1 Secure have nearly 40 years experience and an extensive range of key cutting equipment, we have a key cutting service second to none. We have customers travelling from far and wide to use our excellent service with 99% of keys types cut.



With the state of the art computerised key cutting technology, we can get most keys to the code number. We offer a cutting service for vehicle transponder keys also.


We also stock and supply

  • Electric locks
  • Window locks
  • Shutter locks
  • Restricted locks
  • Master-key Systems


Our Wilmington coverage areas include Wilmington  Locksmith BR8.

Locations served Include but are not limited to:

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